Futura Draconis

Progressive Purity: Chapter Five

Sagittarious members Silver and Nickolas ventured into Jersey City. They noticed quite a few police officers who had awakened magic effects on them. The police cars began coordinating and attempting to box them in Jersey City. Silver and Nickolas fled Jersey in their car, barely avoiding a T-slide by a firetruck.

Meanwhile, Bloody Nickles noticed that a ghost was present in the sanctum. Him and Devon Rae gathered that the ghost was that of a previous mage, and there was some king of spell on it. The ghost lead them to a man whom they figured out had killed him and stole his library. They found this man at Wal-Mart, and the ghost pleaded with Bloody Nickles that if he kills the man, he would tell him where his library is currently. Bloody Nickles obliged, killing the man in Wal-Mart through the use of mind magic. They proceeded to collect an artifact library from the location the ghost then told them of.

Later that day, Sagittarious was made aware of a threat from the Arkrotak to kidnap some of their members. Arrow mage, Swordsworn from Tactay was dispatched to protect Sagittarious.

During his stay, Silver received a call from Goshtekke. Goshtekke threatened that three coffins will be opened if the governor of New York is not killed within 2 hours. He also hinted that he may cheat this time as Sagittarious did the last time.

Sagittarious had no leads as to where these coffins would be, so they started researching large schools in the area. During that, they were attacked by four Seers of the Throne. The seers carried heavy-powered firearms, but with the help of Swordsworn, they were able to defeat them. Two seers survived the fray, and they were taken hostage in the sanctum basement.

Ouranos contacted Croovus to help heal injuries and take care of the new prisoners. Croovus and JaxoRaz showed up at the sanctum. Nickolas tried to prevent JaxoRaz from taking the prisoners, and the rest of the cabal fought that notion. The prisoners were taken by JaxoRaz, and Nickolas requested a meeting with JaxoRaz to discuss their fate. JaxoRaz mockingly accepted.

About this time, Ouranos realized that spirits he had sent out to scout the schools hadn’t come back, and he was unable to call them back. Sagittarious headed out to check on the schools, and they found that one of the schools had a large number of spirits in a frenzy. They entered the school’s gymnasium, only to find four vampires in a mage who engaged them in combat.

During the fight, the mage channeled a powerful electrical attack through his staff, and caused a manifestation backlash. As Sagittarious was fighting the abyssal creature, Nickolas made mental contact with it. The abyssal creature used this opportunity to enter his Oneiros. Nickolas fell unconscious.

Sagittarious contacted sentinal Cage and requisitioned access to the demesne in West St Valentine’s Church. There, they journeyed astrally into Nickolas’s Oneiros. Once there, they discussed matters with the abyssal creature. The abyssal creature was very interested in The Man with the Rainbow Face. Nickolas made a deal with the creature that it could have his body while he would normally be sleeping, and the creature would tell him everything it knows about The Man with the Rainbow Face.

By that time, Goshtekke’s deadline had already passed. Briitz wasn’t aware of any vampiric activity, and nothing was broadcast on the news.

That night, Sagittarious bound Nickolas and took turns watching him to be sure the abyssal creature didn’t do anything. The next day, Nickolas contacted The Man with the Rainbow Face sympathetically. He arranged a meeting time a week later.

During that week, Ouronos contacted Shivia to warn her of where The Man with the Rainbow Face would be. On the day of the meeting, The Man with the Rainbow Face showed up out of nowhere in the basement of the sanctum, heavily cloaked in clothing. The abyssal creature attempted to leap from Nickolas to The Man with the Rainbow Face, however, The Man with the Rainbow Face was able to hold in still in place long enough for Swordsworn to destroy it. The Man with the Rainbow Face promptly left. A seemingly invisible entity patted Nickolas on the back and said, “Thank You”. The voice was recognized as Shivia’s.

Nine XP, Six AXP



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