Futura Draconis

Progressive Purity: Chapter Four

Sagittarious finished translating The Blue and Gold Book. In it, they found the writing, Shattering of the Worlds.

Some members of the cabal went to the LEC to try and find a decent way to get mana from their new hallow. Meanwhile, some Quiznos gift certificates were dropped off at the sanctum.

That evening, all of Sagittarious made their way to Quiznos. Once there, they encountered a small girl who had a number of spells cast on her. She told the cabal that she doesn’t feel very good, and asked them if they could remove her sickness. No one was able to do so (or even really know what she was talking about), so she proceeded to press something on her neck.

A brief explosion severed her head. The cabal quickly got the scene under control by removing the head and body and collecting the security tapes. Plenty of witnesses escaped, however.

Back at the sanctum, the cabal found that the girl’s body had been stuffed with a number of severed kitten heads. Each of the heads had a small area around the mouth that was shaved where a code was written. Sagittarious extracted the kitten heads and disposed of the body in the shadow realm. The code, which they quickly deciphered, was three names, each of which were of elementary schools in the New York area.

The cabal contacted Briitz and had her send out attack squads to the two smaller schools, and the cabal approached the largest school. Before entering the school, they noticed an extreme time distortion around the entrance. Upon entering, they were warped 14 hours into the future, in the middle of school. Ouranos’s spirit servants hunted down the vampire general and slaughtered him in his sleep. As the general died, part of the school blew up. During the explosion, an eight year old child awakened, defending himself against the blast. Nickolas and Devon looked after the child until Nickolas was taken in by the FBI for questioning. Goshtekke called Silver, outraged that Sagittarious had “cheated” by using outside help.

The child, Visuna, was briefly cared for by the cabal, but they returned him to his family along with an offer of “schooling for the gifted”.

Visuna was found to have a marked soul, similar to Nickolas. On that mark is the word “Vishna” written in Hindu. Sagittarious met with loremaster Shivia, knowing that she was interested in these marks. There, they learned that the mark on Nickolas’s soul has the word “Nuh” written in Arabic. Since Visuna had told them that The Man with the Rainbow Face told him to call himself Visuna, they asked Shivia if she had a similar experience. It not so many words, she admitted it. In apparent hopes of gaining any information about these marked souls, Shivia offered up some information about an artifact called The Abyssal Ark. When little to no information was passed back her way, she accused Sagittarious of holding out. The dinner was smoothed over socially, and they parted ways.

Nine XP, Six AXP



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