Futura Draconis

Progressive Purity: Chapter One

The newly awakened mages from Jersey completed their order initiations and preliminary mage training. They meet up with an established mage named Ouranos. All of these mages have one thing in common, their date of awakening is Dec 10th, although Ouranos’s is a year earlier.

The letter from the Arkrotak asks for a meeting with the Heirarch Dellow and the mages who awakened on Dec 10th. Nickolas, one of the newly awakened mages, was said to have a mark on his soul. This is a mark that loremaster Shivia had become extremely interested in. Ouranos was asked to hid the mark as best as he can. The group travels to New Jersey, a place that hadn’t been explored by NYC mages since the events of 10/10.

At the specified location in Jersey, they came across a strange occurrence – the material, shadow, and twilight realms merged as one. It is at this location that they entered.

Once inside, they found a werewolf surveying the area around a pagoda. He told them that one of them reeked of the enemy, and that spirits had been being captured into the pagoda and occasionally let free.

They entered the pagoda, and went downstairs, dropping into an unknown realm. There, they met a man who claimed to represent the Arkrotak. He explained to them that the Arkrotak is an organization that is trying to rally together all of the supernatural beings to make a positive impression on a group of mages. The group of mages they are trying to impress have supposedly found a New Atlantis. While talking, he implied that Dellow had already starting bringing together the supernatural communities in his own way. This upset Dellow greatly. They also noticed a crude painting on the wall of The Rainbow Faced Man, whom the Arkrotak representative said was a spirit that is guiding them to success.

The Arkrotak representative gave Dellow a crystal ball (The Arkrotak Generator. Dellow activated it and fell unconscious. In the crystal ball, the group saw a scene of Dellow standing in the shadow realm by an enormous pit. He was holding a blue book with gold lace on it. He looked down at the pit and said, “Thank You”.

Upon leaving the Arkrotak, Dellow suggested that the group form a cabal, given the auspice of their awakening and their overall ability to work together. He entrusted the secrecy of the meeting to them, but let them know he would be telling the council. After some debate, he agreed to give them The Blue and Gold Book he had, as he was unable to translate it anyway.

Ten XP, Five AXP



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