Futura Draconis

Progressive Purity: Chapter Three

The Sagittarious cabal headed to the location of the second sympathetic line they were following (still in Toronto). On their way, a man attempted to mug them, failed, and they let him go.

They reached an old condemned school house. Once their, they detected the similar powerful fate magic that seemed to be keeping people out of the location. Possessing the key, they were able to enter without challenge. Once inside, the cabal found a cafeteria scene where dead bodies had been posed as they would have been on a normal day at school. The bodies were very preserved and positioned very well. In the basement of the school, the cabal found a lead door with a single button on in that read “Would you like to play a game?”.

They pressed the button, and a door opened up into an archaic tele-conference room. A figure was seen on the television. He was heavily dressed, and had all of his skin wrapped with cloth. The only thing visible was his eyes. He told the cabal that they had entered into a game with him. The prize of the game was ultimate privacy, and the cabal realized that they could not use any form of sympathetic magic on the man. Goshtekke, whom the cabal surmised was his shadow name, went to some cabinets in his room. The cabinets seemed to have a small drawer for each major city in the world. He removed two buttons (they looked like radio transmitters of some sort) from the New York cabinet and pressed the buttons. He then told the cabal it was their move.

Sagittarious headed back to New York and was alerted of a meeting request by Croovus. He requested to Ouranos that the meeting only actually happen if the cabal is trustworthy to be discretionary.

They met up with Croovus and visited a woman named Briitz. During this meeting, they learned that Briitz is a kindred, in a high-ranking position among their kind. They also learned that she is Dellow’s girlfriend. This was the issue that required discretion, as Dellow could be killed for such consorting. She informed them that a lich has awakened and threatened to awaken kindred generals of war in New York. Within the threat was security footage of Sagittarious in Toronto. For that reason, Briitz needed to know what they had to do with this. The cabal agreed to help clean up their own mess, however Briitz offered man power should they need it.

Twelve XP, Six AXP



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