Futura Draconis

Progressive Purity: Chapter Two

The group of mages who had visited the Arkrotak decided to form a cabal named Sagittarious. They were joined by Eva, an arrow mage who had not yet joined a cabal.

Sagittarious bought a house for their cabal’s sanctum. Nickolas moved into the house before they officiated their cabal, and one morning, an expensive copy of the Qur’an was dropped off at the sanctum’s doorstep.

While officiating their cabal formation, they received a laptop computer as part of a new directive for cabals to stay in contact with the mage community through the use of the internet and Atlantian Encryption. Also, the Blue and Gold Book was included in the laptop bag (presumably a gift from Dellow.

Sagittarious decided to go searching for more resources for their cabal.

Afanasi Sila searched the consilium records and found the address records of two mages that lived in the late 1800s early 1900s. Upon investigation of one of the residences, they found it was warded with space and fate magic, so that people would never think to give the place a second look. Afanasi Sila broke in, and the cabal recovered two books of significance. One book had jotted down numbers that made next to no sense. Using magic, the cabal was able to see sympathetic lines that lead from the books up north to canada. They were also able to gather that the code was key value pairs – the values were zip codes, and the keys were dates written as seconds since AD 0.

Nickolas attempted to contact Shivia, and merely found her location. She was at the Manhatten Law Enforcement Center. Ouranos noticed on approach, that there were a considerable amount of spirits forming a tornado around the location. One of the spirits mentioned that they were feeding as much as they could. Eva used her bureau influences to get the cabal into the police station. The cabal didn’t find Shivia inside the LEC, but a spirit eventually told them that she was behind the barrier (in the shadow realm). From magical examination, it appeared that the location had been recently converted from a Locus into a Hallow.

The cabal met with Ejhuay to officially claim the hallow, and then decided to head up to Toronto Canada to follow the sympathetic lines.

Once in Toronto, they found that one of the lines lead to a night club. There, they met a mage who had a key on his key chain that one of the lines lead to. He had no idea why it was there, didn’t remember obtaining it, and it was not important to him. They obtained the key from him, and decided to investigate the second line they were following…

Twelve XP, Six AXP



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