Futura Draconis

Progressive Purity: Chapter Zero

Five mages awakened in Jersey City, shortly before terrorist bombings began. Newscasts instructed all Jersey civilians to gather at the Amentice Arena for safety.

Deus Iks made her way to the arena, as did Thomas Sussex with his family. The national guard secured the area.

Afanasi Sila, Cliff Oglesloy, and Roland Callaway made their way towards Manhattan by approaching the Lincoln tunnel. At the tunnel, which was backed up with emergency vehicles, they met an armed man named Kurev. Kurev recognized that the three were newly awakened and immediately contacted his associate, Marie.

Marie, who was at the arena, had spotted the newly awakened Deus Iks and Thomas Sussex as well. Marie and Kurev abandoned their previous mission to help guide these new mages to safety.

The seven of them met up outside the Lincoln tunnel, where they quickly realized that the situation was not just a terrorist bombing. Supernatural decay began sweeping through vehicles in the area, and the group was attacked by the walking dead. During the fight, they realized that the Lincoln tunnel was rigged with explosives.

The group left the tunnel and proceeded down the lake to steal a boat. As they boated over to Manhattan, they witnessed the Lincoln tunnel being demolished.

Kurev and Marie directed the newly awakened mages to lay low and stay safe in New York City. A week later, they were brought to the old West St Valentine’s Church in Brooklyn to meet the New York City Consilium. The new mages were able to witness a council debate and were lucky enough to briefly speak with Heirarch Dellow, who had just declared Jersey City to be a no-entry zone for the awakened.

Sentinel Cage instructed them on the basics of being awakened, and the group went in their separate ways to pursue their new lives…

Ten XP, Five AXP


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