Futura Draconis

Progressive Purity: Chapter Five

Sagittarious members Silver and Nickolas ventured into Jersey City. They noticed quite a few police officers who had awakened magic effects on them. The police cars began coordinating and attempting to box them in Jersey City. Silver and Nickolas fled Jersey in their car, barely avoiding a T-slide by a firetruck.

Meanwhile, Bloody Nickles noticed that a ghost was present in the sanctum. Him and Devon Rae gathered that the ghost was that of a previous mage, and there was some king of spell on it. The ghost lead them to a man whom they figured out had killed him and stole his library. They found this man at Wal-Mart, and the ghost pleaded with Bloody Nickles that if he kills the man, he would tell him where his library is currently. Bloody Nickles obliged, killing the man in Wal-Mart through the use of mind magic. They proceeded to collect an artifact library from the location the ghost then told them of.

Later that day, Sagittarious was made aware of a threat from the Arkrotak to kidnap some of their members. Arrow mage, Swordsworn from Tactay was dispatched to protect Sagittarious.

During his stay, Silver received a call from Goshtekke. Goshtekke threatened that three coffins will be opened if the governor of New York is not killed within 2 hours. He also hinted that he may cheat this time as Sagittarious did the last time.

Sagittarious had no leads as to where these coffins would be, so they started researching large schools in the area. During that, they were attacked by four Seers of the Throne. The seers carried heavy-powered firearms, but with the help of Swordsworn, they were able to defeat them. Two seers survived the fray, and they were taken hostage in the sanctum basement.

Ouranos contacted Croovus to help heal injuries and take care of the new prisoners. Croovus and JaxoRaz showed up at the sanctum. Nickolas tried to prevent JaxoRaz from taking the prisoners, and the rest of the cabal fought that notion. The prisoners were taken by JaxoRaz, and Nickolas requested a meeting with JaxoRaz to discuss their fate. JaxoRaz mockingly accepted.

About this time, Ouranos realized that spirits he had sent out to scout the schools hadn’t come back, and he was unable to call them back. Sagittarious headed out to check on the schools, and they found that one of the schools had a large number of spirits in a frenzy. They entered the school’s gymnasium, only to find four vampires in a mage who engaged them in combat.

During the fight, the mage channeled a powerful electrical attack through his staff, and caused a manifestation backlash. As Sagittarious was fighting the abyssal creature, Nickolas made mental contact with it. The abyssal creature used this opportunity to enter his Oneiros. Nickolas fell unconscious.

Sagittarious contacted sentinal Cage and requisitioned access to the demesne in West St Valentine’s Church. There, they journeyed astrally into Nickolas’s Oneiros. Once there, they discussed matters with the abyssal creature. The abyssal creature was very interested in The Man with the Rainbow Face. Nickolas made a deal with the creature that it could have his body while he would normally be sleeping, and the creature would tell him everything it knows about The Man with the Rainbow Face.

By that time, Goshtekke’s deadline had already passed. Briitz wasn’t aware of any vampiric activity, and nothing was broadcast on the news.

That night, Sagittarious bound Nickolas and took turns watching him to be sure the abyssal creature didn’t do anything. The next day, Nickolas contacted The Man with the Rainbow Face sympathetically. He arranged a meeting time a week later.

During that week, Ouronos contacted Shivia to warn her of where The Man with the Rainbow Face would be. On the day of the meeting, The Man with the Rainbow Face showed up out of nowhere in the basement of the sanctum, heavily cloaked in clothing. The abyssal creature attempted to leap from Nickolas to The Man with the Rainbow Face, however, The Man with the Rainbow Face was able to hold in still in place long enough for Swordsworn to destroy it. The Man with the Rainbow Face promptly left. A seemingly invisible entity patted Nickolas on the back and said, “Thank You”. The voice was recognized as Shivia’s.

Nine XP, Six AXP

Progressive Purity: Chapter Four

Sagittarious finished translating The Blue and Gold Book. In it, they found the writing, Shattering of the Worlds.

Some members of the cabal went to the LEC to try and find a decent way to get mana from their new hallow. Meanwhile, some Quiznos gift certificates were dropped off at the sanctum.

That evening, all of Sagittarious made their way to Quiznos. Once there, they encountered a small girl who had a number of spells cast on her. She told the cabal that she doesn’t feel very good, and asked them if they could remove her sickness. No one was able to do so (or even really know what she was talking about), so she proceeded to press something on her neck.

A brief explosion severed her head. The cabal quickly got the scene under control by removing the head and body and collecting the security tapes. Plenty of witnesses escaped, however.

Back at the sanctum, the cabal found that the girl’s body had been stuffed with a number of severed kitten heads. Each of the heads had a small area around the mouth that was shaved where a code was written. Sagittarious extracted the kitten heads and disposed of the body in the shadow realm. The code, which they quickly deciphered, was three names, each of which were of elementary schools in the New York area.

The cabal contacted Briitz and had her send out attack squads to the two smaller schools, and the cabal approached the largest school. Before entering the school, they noticed an extreme time distortion around the entrance. Upon entering, they were warped 14 hours into the future, in the middle of school. Ouranos’s spirit servants hunted down the vampire general and slaughtered him in his sleep. As the general died, part of the school blew up. During the explosion, an eight year old child awakened, defending himself against the blast. Nickolas and Devon looked after the child until Nickolas was taken in by the FBI for questioning. Goshtekke called Silver, outraged that Sagittarious had “cheated” by using outside help.

The child, Visuna, was briefly cared for by the cabal, but they returned him to his family along with an offer of “schooling for the gifted”.

Visuna was found to have a marked soul, similar to Nickolas. On that mark is the word “Vishna” written in Hindu. Sagittarious met with loremaster Shivia, knowing that she was interested in these marks. There, they learned that the mark on Nickolas’s soul has the word “Nuh” written in Arabic. Since Visuna had told them that The Man with the Rainbow Face told him to call himself Visuna, they asked Shivia if she had a similar experience. It not so many words, she admitted it. In apparent hopes of gaining any information about these marked souls, Shivia offered up some information about an artifact called The Abyssal Ark. When little to no information was passed back her way, she accused Sagittarious of holding out. The dinner was smoothed over socially, and they parted ways.

Nine XP, Six AXP

Progressive Purity: Chapter Three

The Sagittarious cabal headed to the location of the second sympathetic line they were following (still in Toronto). On their way, a man attempted to mug them, failed, and they let him go.

They reached an old condemned school house. Once their, they detected the similar powerful fate magic that seemed to be keeping people out of the location. Possessing the key, they were able to enter without challenge. Once inside, the cabal found a cafeteria scene where dead bodies had been posed as they would have been on a normal day at school. The bodies were very preserved and positioned very well. In the basement of the school, the cabal found a lead door with a single button on in that read “Would you like to play a game?”.

They pressed the button, and a door opened up into an archaic tele-conference room. A figure was seen on the television. He was heavily dressed, and had all of his skin wrapped with cloth. The only thing visible was his eyes. He told the cabal that they had entered into a game with him. The prize of the game was ultimate privacy, and the cabal realized that they could not use any form of sympathetic magic on the man. Goshtekke, whom the cabal surmised was his shadow name, went to some cabinets in his room. The cabinets seemed to have a small drawer for each major city in the world. He removed two buttons (they looked like radio transmitters of some sort) from the New York cabinet and pressed the buttons. He then told the cabal it was their move.

Sagittarious headed back to New York and was alerted of a meeting request by Croovus. He requested to Ouranos that the meeting only actually happen if the cabal is trustworthy to be discretionary.

They met up with Croovus and visited a woman named Briitz. During this meeting, they learned that Briitz is a kindred, in a high-ranking position among their kind. They also learned that she is Dellow’s girlfriend. This was the issue that required discretion, as Dellow could be killed for such consorting. She informed them that a lich has awakened and threatened to awaken kindred generals of war in New York. Within the threat was security footage of Sagittarious in Toronto. For that reason, Briitz needed to know what they had to do with this. The cabal agreed to help clean up their own mess, however Briitz offered man power should they need it.

Twelve XP, Six AXP

Progressive Purity: Chapter Two

The group of mages who had visited the Arkrotak decided to form a cabal named Sagittarious. They were joined by Eva, an arrow mage who had not yet joined a cabal.

Sagittarious bought a house for their cabal’s sanctum. Nickolas moved into the house before they officiated their cabal, and one morning, an expensive copy of the Qur’an was dropped off at the sanctum’s doorstep.

While officiating their cabal formation, they received a laptop computer as part of a new directive for cabals to stay in contact with the mage community through the use of the internet and Atlantian Encryption. Also, the Blue and Gold Book was included in the laptop bag (presumably a gift from Dellow.

Sagittarious decided to go searching for more resources for their cabal.

Afanasi Sila searched the consilium records and found the address records of two mages that lived in the late 1800s early 1900s. Upon investigation of one of the residences, they found it was warded with space and fate magic, so that people would never think to give the place a second look. Afanasi Sila broke in, and the cabal recovered two books of significance. One book had jotted down numbers that made next to no sense. Using magic, the cabal was able to see sympathetic lines that lead from the books up north to canada. They were also able to gather that the code was key value pairs – the values were zip codes, and the keys were dates written as seconds since AD 0.

Nickolas attempted to contact Shivia, and merely found her location. She was at the Manhatten Law Enforcement Center. Ouranos noticed on approach, that there were a considerable amount of spirits forming a tornado around the location. One of the spirits mentioned that they were feeding as much as they could. Eva used her bureau influences to get the cabal into the police station. The cabal didn’t find Shivia inside the LEC, but a spirit eventually told them that she was behind the barrier (in the shadow realm). From magical examination, it appeared that the location had been recently converted from a Locus into a Hallow.

The cabal met with Ejhuay to officially claim the hallow, and then decided to head up to Toronto Canada to follow the sympathetic lines.

Once in Toronto, they found that one of the lines lead to a night club. There, they met a mage who had a key on his key chain that one of the lines lead to. He had no idea why it was there, didn’t remember obtaining it, and it was not important to him. They obtained the key from him, and decided to investigate the second line they were following…

Twelve XP, Six AXP

Progressive Purity: Chapter One

The newly awakened mages from Jersey completed their order initiations and preliminary mage training. They meet up with an established mage named Ouranos. All of these mages have one thing in common, their date of awakening is Dec 10th, although Ouranos’s is a year earlier.

The letter from the Arkrotak asks for a meeting with the Heirarch Dellow and the mages who awakened on Dec 10th. Nickolas, one of the newly awakened mages, was said to have a mark on his soul. This is a mark that loremaster Shivia had become extremely interested in. Ouranos was asked to hid the mark as best as he can. The group travels to New Jersey, a place that hadn’t been explored by NYC mages since the events of 10/10.

At the specified location in Jersey, they came across a strange occurrence – the material, shadow, and twilight realms merged as one. It is at this location that they entered.

Once inside, they found a werewolf surveying the area around a pagoda. He told them that one of them reeked of the enemy, and that spirits had been being captured into the pagoda and occasionally let free.

They entered the pagoda, and went downstairs, dropping into an unknown realm. There, they met a man who claimed to represent the Arkrotak. He explained to them that the Arkrotak is an organization that is trying to rally together all of the supernatural beings to make a positive impression on a group of mages. The group of mages they are trying to impress have supposedly found a New Atlantis. While talking, he implied that Dellow had already starting bringing together the supernatural communities in his own way. This upset Dellow greatly. They also noticed a crude painting on the wall of The Rainbow Faced Man, whom the Arkrotak representative said was a spirit that is guiding them to success.

The Arkrotak representative gave Dellow a crystal ball (The Arkrotak Generator. Dellow activated it and fell unconscious. In the crystal ball, the group saw a scene of Dellow standing in the shadow realm by an enormous pit. He was holding a blue book with gold lace on it. He looked down at the pit and said, “Thank You”.

Upon leaving the Arkrotak, Dellow suggested that the group form a cabal, given the auspice of their awakening and their overall ability to work together. He entrusted the secrecy of the meeting to them, but let them know he would be telling the council. After some debate, he agreed to give them The Blue and Gold Book he had, as he was unable to translate it anyway.

Ten XP, Five AXP

Progressive Purity: Chapter Zero

Five mages awakened in Jersey City, shortly before terrorist bombings began. Newscasts instructed all Jersey civilians to gather at the Amentice Arena for safety.

Deus Iks made her way to the arena, as did Thomas Sussex with his family. The national guard secured the area.

Afanasi Sila, Cliff Oglesloy, and Roland Callaway made their way towards Manhattan by approaching the Lincoln tunnel. At the tunnel, which was backed up with emergency vehicles, they met an armed man named Kurev. Kurev recognized that the three were newly awakened and immediately contacted his associate, Marie.

Marie, who was at the arena, had spotted the newly awakened Deus Iks and Thomas Sussex as well. Marie and Kurev abandoned their previous mission to help guide these new mages to safety.

The seven of them met up outside the Lincoln tunnel, where they quickly realized that the situation was not just a terrorist bombing. Supernatural decay began sweeping through vehicles in the area, and the group was attacked by the walking dead. During the fight, they realized that the Lincoln tunnel was rigged with explosives.

The group left the tunnel and proceeded down the lake to steal a boat. As they boated over to Manhattan, they witnessed the Lincoln tunnel being demolished.

Kurev and Marie directed the newly awakened mages to lay low and stay safe in New York City. A week later, they were brought to the old West St Valentine’s Church in Brooklyn to meet the New York City Consilium. The new mages were able to witness a council debate and were lucky enough to briefly speak with Heirarch Dellow, who had just declared Jersey City to be a no-entry zone for the awakened.

Sentinel Cage instructed them on the basics of being awakened, and the group went in their separate ways to pursue their new lives…

Ten XP, Five AXP


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