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  • Shivia

    Path: Obrimos Order: The Mysterium Cabal: [[Foreign Dream]] Known Arcane Power: Third degree master (Forces,Prime,Spirit), confirmed in 2007. Vitals: Born Nov 1988, 5'4'', 115 lbs. Description

  • PentaRyus

    Path: Obrimos Order: The Mysterium Cabal: Posto Arcanis Known Arcane Power: Prime Archmaster, confirmed in 2004. Vitals: Born Sep 1953, 5'8'', 230 lbs Description History PentaRyus is a …

  • Ejhuay

    Path: Acanthus Order: The Adamantine Arrow Cabal: [[Layearn]] Known Arcane Power: Never confirmed. Vitals: Born ????, 6'0'', 200 lbs Description Ejhuay is a caucasian male who appears to be in …

  • Dellow

    Path: Moros Order: The Silver Ladder Cabal: [[Iozahn]] Known Arcane Power: First degree master (Death), confirmed 1997. Vitals: Born Apr 1977, 5'10'', 160 lbs Description Dellow is a medium …

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