Path: Moros

Order: The Silver Ladder

Cabal: Iozahn

Known Arcane Power: First degree master (Death), confirmed 1997.

Vitals: Born Apr 1977, 5’10’’, 160 lbs


Dellow is a medium height caucasian man who looks to be in good athletic shape. He has medium-length black hair and dark eyes. He wears a trenchcoat over black jeans and a T-shirt. At all times, Dellow is seen flanked by two robed figures. Their robes hang below their faces so that they are completely concealed.


Dellow grew up in New York City, and joined Croovus’s Iozahn cabal in 1993, shortly after awakening. Iozahn became one of the top cabals in 1995, but Dellow had no interest in politics.

By 2003, the status of the Consilium had deteriorated into corruption, and something had to be done about Heirarch Kyius. Dellow had displayed a knack for the art, rarely seen among mages, and Croovus recognized this. He motioned for Dellow to join the political scene by taking his place as councilor and moving to impeach. In 2004, Dellow instead responded by challenging Kyius directly. It is rumored that during this challenge, Dellow displayed arcane mastery far beyond what he had confirmed with the consilium.

Dellow refused to kill Kyius, and he was sent on his way. Dellow has been the Heirarch since then.


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