New York City Consilium

The NYC Consilium is large and powerful, reflecting the city it resides in.

Locations of Note

1. West St Valentine’s Church

Current Officials

  • Order Positions
    • The Adamantine Arrow
    • The Free Council
    • Guardians of the Veil
    • The Mysterium
    • The Silver Ladder

Political System

The highest political structure of the NYC Consilium consists of a single Heirarch and five Councilors.


The Heirarch is appointed by challenge, however, challengers must be approved by at least one of the top Cabals in the city.


Each of the top five cabals in NYC appoint one of their members to the position of Councilor. Cabals are appointed to the position of “top five” by the Heirarch, based on power, knowledge, willingness, and influence. The Councilors owe service to the Heirarch, so the system usually works itself out (the Heirarch will naturally choose the most useful Cabals). However, a Cabal may challenge one of the leading Cabals for the position should they feel the Heirarch’s decision has been inaccurate or untimely. This happens only occasionally.

New York City Consilium

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