Shattering of the Worlds

Shattering of the Worlds

Beings of immense strength battled against the forces of despair

Those were lost on the battlefield

World shaping sacrificer

Universe seeing purifier

World striding warrior

Those remained ahead to guide the new world

Nightmare defiler

Enchanted utopian

Fleeting creator

Truth ascendant

Undying cherisher

Those embraced the new world, offering wisdom and practice from on high

The one who saw the fall, savior with wings

The one who designed the spires, commemorator of pilgrimage

The one who still believes, speaker of realms

The one who possesses miracles, destroyer onto evil

The one who combines all as one, consolidator of believers


Immortal souls merely await the willing conduit

Non-believers make waste of the reincarnation leading to heaven

All must believe – or release their designation

Shattering of the Worlds

Futura Draconis deeder