Path: Obrimos

Order: The Mysterium

Cabal: Foreign Dream

Known Arcane Power: Third degree master (Forces,Prime,Spirit), confirmed in 2007.

Vitals: Born Nov 1988, 5’4’’, 115 lbs.


Shivia is medium height 20 year old caucasian woman. She has a cute look, despite her clear lack of attention to her appearance and plain clothing choice. She often wears long skirts and loose-fitting dress clothes. She has black hair, wears glasses, and is never seen without a clip board and PDA.


Shivia is the daughter of PentaRyus, and is originally from London. She had a rare case of early-awakening at age 8. Her family only encouraged the phenomenon, and she is said to have mastered the art of Forces by age 12.

She joined an exchange program through her middle school, which took her to the states. She became involved in the newly-formed Foreign Dream cabal. It is in that cabal where she met JaxoRaz, who continues to watch over her. She has lived in New York City ever since.

At age 17, Shivia was named Loremaster, after the passing of Loremaster Benedict. Despite challenges due to her age, she has proven herself countless times as Loremaster and is well respected (and sometimes feared) in the Consilium.


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